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Single Session

This is a one hour session, where we can explore whatever is most present for you at the moment. Whatever you’re needing to process or find clarity around. This is perfect as an introductory call, and also as a check-in for previous clients. We’ll use whatever practices are most suited for you at the time, which can include guided internal journeys, somatic experiencing, and more. 

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Six Weeks Together

This experience is designed to clear blocks, allow healing to wounds you’ve carried for too long, gently form lasting connections with your inner child, peel back layers to reveal the fullest authentic version of you. We will meet weekly for 6 weeks in layered processes designed to support you most embodied, flourishing, whole Self. 

Menstrual Cycle Teachings

I teach online and in-person classes on Attunement to the Menstrual Cycle, and the ways this affects our internal and external worlds. This can be tailored for pre-teens, teens or adults. Contact me here to discuss the type of class you’d like to schedule. 

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