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You don't have to navigate your healing alone.

Imagine walking through the deep darkness of your wounds and fears with someone who knows the depths, is holding a candle in one hand and your hand in the other.


You are supported, you are held. 

Hailey offers sight, comfort, and wisdom along the journey of self-discovery. Her goal is your freedom, your flourishing, your full-self being fully expressed.

Unblocked. Unhindered. 

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Hailey is a mother and intuitive guide, catapulted into deeper study of consciousness through the collapsing of religious belief structures, an abusive marriage, divorce, Motherhood, and seasons of depression. Her favorite studies have been those centered around nature, somatics, neuroplasticity, the menstrual cycle, and energy work. 

She is playful and light while also seeing to the deepest layer. Wise and embodying a child-spirit. She uses this to walk clients through layers of healing and becoming, with a steady ease. 


  • Inner-child work

  • Shadow work

  • Embodiment

  • Menstrual Cycle Attunement

  • Life transitions

  • Self-connection


Client Testimony

"Hailey has been a safe place full of clarity and peace. Her constant presence, her deep wisdom, and her gentle spirit have been a guiding light for me. Over and over, she has given me the tools, space, and freedom to continue moving forward. Hailey is generous to share from her own experience, and also well-equipped and knowledgable on experiences and resources from other spiritual thought-leaders. She has encouraged me and constantly been one of the only places where I have felt seen, heard, and understood."

Client Testimony

"I set out to solidify a new career path, and not only did Hailey give me the tools to find the answer within myself, she gave me tools that I use daily. Hailey led me on a beautiful exploration of myself that I so desperately wanted but was unsure of how to curate on my own. She is deeply attuned with others and I felt understood and safe. She exudes positivity, warmth and compassion.

Each session took me to a new place within myself. I healed old wounds and awoke old selves while moving forward to new adventures. I look forward to future work with Hailey."

Client Testimony

"I am so grateful for my time with Hailey. It was such an honor to go through her 6 week program. Our time together was magical! I never experienced such immense healing and empowerment in a short time.

So much clearing, releasing, learning new ways of thinking and being, etc..

I can honestly say this is one of the best investments I've made more myself! So. Worth. It."

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